Friday, October 28, 2011

Challenging DOMA

Taking part in a constitutional challenge to federal law is not something I ever imagined I would do. I have always believed though that if an individual perceives a wrong, and has an ability to impact or change that wrong for the better, the individual is obligated to act. I believe it a fundamental violation of the American value that all are created equal, and a failure of my professional value as a military officer that one must always do the honorable, hard right over the easy wrong, to stand silent in the face of unfair, unequal treatment of my family and other gay or lesbian families serving in the Nation's military. I am sworn to uphold the constitution and I believe the Defense of Marriage Act and other laws that influence military regulations to deny equal treatment are unconstitutional. I am grateful that I live in a country where an individual can participate in an action of such magnitude as I and my co-plaintiffs have taken in order to correct the injustice of mandated unequal protection and treatment perpetrated at the federal government level. The military follows the law. Only the President and Congress can change the law.

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